Meet the Team

Nicky Woodhatch - Owner/Antenatal & Baby Teachernicky and kids for website

I am first and foremost mum to three children, Evie (mummy number 2)  10, Darcey (the spirited one)  8 and Jasper (the totally nuts one)  3, my fourth baby is Mummas and Beans!!  

I have been working with new mums for almost 8yrs. I decided to leave my office job as an admin manager following maternity leave with my eldest daughter nearly 10 years ago, having already trained in reflexology and massage I was nurturing a passion for birth, working more frequently with pregnant women wanting reflexology and then having  a really positive birth experience with Evie, I embarked on my journey to change my working life! 

I qualified in Reflexology, Holistic & Sports massage in 2005, Baby Massage with the IAIM in 2008, LK Massage (birth partner massage) in 2008, Maternity Reflexology 2008, Baby Reflex 2008, Daisy Birthing & Baby 2010, and training as a traditional Antenatal teacher 2014! I have always known I had a passion for babies, I have always loved tiny babies and been around them pretty much all my teenage and adult life, through baby sitting and nannying, having my own just sealed my fate! 

I stepped back from day to day teaching in 2015, but am found behind the scenes, I still love being involved but having taught for 10yrs feel my energies are best spent elsewhere! 

Steph - Daisy Birthing Teacher 

Steph pic

I am mummy to two boys, William (4) and Henry (18 months), who are very lively and keep me on my toes! 
I discovered Daisy Birthing (and Nicky!) when I was pregnant with my first. I had never experienced any physical “pain” before, never broken a bone or had any injuries so I had no clue what my pain threshold was and I was nervous! Turns out I need not have worried, using the tools and skills I had been taught at Daisy Birthing I had an amazing water birth with Will and absolutely loved every moment. I returned when pregnant again and this time, as well as refreshing my memory on the Daisy skills for labour, I loved the opportunity to spend an indulgent hour a week focusing just on my bump. Pregnancy when you already have a child running around is less about nurturing and bonding with the baby growing inside you and more about trying to stop your toddler using your bump as a stool/ launch pad/ car track and finding alternative routes around soft play where you won’t get trapped trying to squeeze through rollers! So Daisy Birthing gave me the time and opportunity to focus on my new baby.
My labour with Henry was very different as he was back to back and had to be constantly monitored but with the help of Daisy Birthing I managed to deliver all 9lb 11oz of him on my side and strapped up to multiple monitors. Again I loved every moment of it! Henry was a difficult baby and suffered with acid reflux, so we signed up to Tinies with Nicky and it was truly a lifesaver for him and me! With a toddler running around I had less time to baby gaze and soak up all his gorgeousness so our weekly Tinies class gave us time to bond, have fun together and helped with his reflux. It also meant that I made a fabulous set of Mummy friends with babies Henry’s age, which is invaluable. 
Sadly my baby making days are over now but I am so excited about helping other Mummies on their journeys. I believe strongly in women empowering women and supporting each other through the hardest and most incredible time of our lives. Given the right information and tools we can help Mums to have the best birthing experience possible. I believe we can take away the fear of birth with education and support. Understanding what is happening to your body and why means that women are better informed to make decisions and trust their instincts.
There is an old African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. Nowadays so few of us live near our families to provide that traditional support network so this makes the “Daisy family” and the continuity of care so vital and unique. Starting my Daisy journey was the best decision I made and definitely my best “baby buy” and I am so glad that I still get to be a part of this wonderful experience, just with less stretch marks and sleepless nights now!
Caroline - The Midwife
Bio coming soon

Claire Dewhurst - Godalming (and Guildford) Mumma is Me TeacherClaire Dewhurst
I am Claire, a local mother who discovered the joy of attending Mummas classes with my youngest baby. I am a Midwife by profession but knew instantly that one day I wanted to also train as a Mummas and Beans teacher! Now some years later I am excited that I will get to deliver classes in the local area and use the skills and knowledge gained as a Midwife coupled with all that I have learnt from my own personal and ever changing experiences of motherhood.

I believe the Mummas classes are so unique and the benefits many.. the power of touch in massage allowing for a beautiful bonding opportunity, the themes discussed in Newborn classes that help to reassure, the potential connections with other Mummas or the messy play in Sensory Mummas that brings out the giggles! It is important to me to facilitate all of this in a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment and I look forward to witnessing the progression from newborn to older active baby and new mothers gain confidence in their mothering intuition. I can't wait for class to begin!

Our Mums Say:

"Nicky's laid back, friendly and supportive approach is a huge relief during the early days of being a new parent. The calming techniques she taught me were an absolute lifesaver and I honestly don't know what we'd have done without her. Thank you so much Nicky!"

"I just thought I'd add, that I've really enjoyed the Daisy Birthing sessions, I think they are utterly brilliant, and have definitely prepared me for the impending birth - dare I say I'm actually looking forward to it??!?"

"These classes were the favourite part of my week from birthing right through to rising one. I will be back with baba number two!"

"I want to say a huge thank you to you for adding so much to my maternity leave. Through Daisy Birthing I've made friends who have been a huge support to both me and Cleo and will continue to be a big part of our lives. I hope you know what a community of happy and confident Mums you're developing through Mummas. Thank you."