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Antenatal Testimonials
Katie - Essential Mummas 
We absolutely loved these couple classes. I can't recommend them enough. Claire who is a midwife at the Royal Surrey was absolutely fantastic, making very dry subjects fun and keeping the class interested and engaged with her humour. I was belly laughing most of time. I feel much more prepared now and so does my other half, we feel we learnt a lot . We've also met some lovely people that we hope will become good friends. Nikki was fantastic in the final couple of classes and its great keeping in touch with everything and everyone through her Facebook group. There are lots of other classes and social events arranged for before and after your babies are born so it feels like a little community that you can dip in and out of as you need. Its definitely the best thing we've done during our pregnancy!
Lisa - Essential Mummas
"I would highly recommend you to anyone! All my friends did NCT and most were pretty horrified that we weren't! I don't think people even realise there is an alternative. I was confident that your antenatal class was the right approach for us, as NCT didn't appeal for various reasons. Clare and Nicky were both great teachers and their anecdotal style made it 'real' and gave us confidence. The course is excellent value for money"

Katie - Daisy Birthing
I can't recommend Daisy Birthing classes enough. I feel much more relaxed and calm about my upcoming labour after doing these classes . I now have a toolbox of breathing and techniques that should hopefully see me through any situation that arises. I have met some people lovely people also and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Bring on birth!!!
AjL - Daisy Birthing
In my view, this is the ultimate class to prepare you for labour. Expert guidance combined with relaxation and labour management techniques make this the one class I would recommend, having used the techniques in two midwife led labours (one resulting in a very calm home birth)
Emily - Daisy Birthing 
"Thank you, and so much thanks to Laura for an amazing experience with Daisy Birthing. Noah Francis was born on Tuesday March 10th at 3:31pm, weighing 7.3lb. I had the completely natural home birth, in the birthing pool, that I'd planned, and absolutely could not have done it without the knowledge and practise I gained from your classes.
Thank you again,We look forward to the Tinies classes."
Mivy - Essential Mummas 
Prior to this course i was terrified of having a baby but the lovely and funny midwife made me feel confident i could manage the times ahead. They give a balanced view so i was prepared when i ended up having an emergency c section. They info on what to do with a newborn was vital.
Katy - Daisy Birthing 
"Hi Nicky,
This has taken me an absolute age to actually get round to writing, probably now that I have 2 my brain hasn't quite caught up. However, I just wanted to say how fantastic I found the daisy birthing sessions in Guildford with Laura. It was a little while ago now that I took the sessions, and it was on 9th Dec our little bundle Iris was born a whole 2weeks late...doctors were getting twitched at me refusing sweeps and an induction...but she came when cooked, and I managed to stay off pain relief by using the basic birthing breath pretty much the whole way through (bar the on all 4's pushing stage!!)..it was second time round...but wow what a difference as first time was b2b and 28hrs of pain, whereas this time...was only in hospital 45mins as managed to breath and rotate my way through at home.
Prior to taking db I was getting my knickers into a right twist panicking about a crazy labour and intervention, but Laura really helped with getting into my head and thinking differently about it, was soooo much more relaxed.
A massive thank you, without db it could have been a different story
Holly - Essential Mummas Antenatal Course 
"Hi Nicky,
Please can you pass on a massive thank you to Claire from myself and Andy for the fantastic three weeks of information that's she has shared with us.
Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to say goodbye last night as I wasn't feeling fantastic and it had been such a long day.
You already know how fab Claire is but I wanted to pass on our thanks for making it fun and enjoyable for these two first timers :)
Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks for our final week then I'll be starting Daisy birthing the next day! 
Actually looking forward to the day we bring Smudge into the world thanks to you lovely people x 
Eternal thank yous for that :)
Can't wait to introduce Smudge into the M&B family for much needed support and coffee!
Jo - Essential Mummas & Daisy Birthing 
"I wanted to say thank you as Richard and I found your antenatal classes so helpful and I even used some of the breathing techniques and positions from your Daisy birthing classes which were great!"
Jo - Daisy Birthing &  Birth Prep Couples Workshop 
"I've so far written you two emails to say thank you for the course already, but neither of them have managed to get sent because I just don't have the words to adequately express how perfect the course was for us both. 
So, thank you. And please thank the midwife whose name I have unforgivably forgotten. I can't tell you how brilliant it was and how much J and I are on the same page and understand what is needed to have the best birth experience we can, no matter what might happen this time." 
Daisy & Jonny Daisy Birthing, Tinies, Wrigglers & Rising 1s
I would like to say thank you for all the classes you run which have made the past year much less daunting. It has been very reassuring, both taking time out and feeling confident about birth at Daisy Birthing before Johnny's arrival (even tho things didn't end up going as planned!) and also with Tinies and Rising 1s. Tinies especially really helped me bond with Johnny when to be honest I didn't really have a clue what to do with the little bundle in my life all of a sudden! Massage became a part if our daily routine and was really special...
Peri & Erin - Daisy Birthing, Tinies, Wrigglers & Rising 1s 
"Hi Nicky
I'm afraid Erin and I won't be signing up for next term :( I start work (having finally found a job that doesn't demand all hours under the sun) on the 20th October and will only have Tuesday's off. I have been with you for the last year now (pretty much) and am very sad to not be signing up for the next term.
You have been such a fabulous source of support and friendship (especially as the fellow mummies I am now closest to were met through your classes) and I recommend you to every pregnant woman I meet! - from friends to women with bumps serving me in the shops (here's hoping they are in fact pregnant!).
You are the perfect balance of friendly advice combined with a fabulous sense of humour, a down to Earth approach and common sense techniques. I have never felt judged, pressured or silly with you and have ways known exactly where to go when I needed to escape - especially for coffee! God bless coffee.
Returning to work is a scary obstacle, but with the friends I have made thanks to Mummas and Beans I don't face this challenge alone.
I will DEFINITELY be back in the (hopefully) not too distant future. And I will certainly continue to recommend you to every bumpy lady I meet! :)
Thank you for everything.
With our love"
Clare - Daisy Birthing and Baby Classes
"I did, however, want to say a huge thank you to you for adding so much to my maternity leave. Through Daisy Birthing I've made friends who have been a huge support to both me and Cleo and will continue to be a big part of our lives. I hope you know what a community of happy and confident Mums you're developing through Mummas. Thank you."
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Baby Classes Testimonials
I'm currently doing the Daisy Baby Tinies class in Guildford, with my 12 weeks old, and it's brilliant. Laura is a great teacher, so down to earth, and the class is relaxed and fun for babies and mums. The massage techniques are easy to follow and the postnatal bits for mums is great - it's good to have a few minutes for me at the end of the class, especially to do those much needed (and easily forgotten) pelvic floor exercises!
The relaxed environment makes everyone feel at ease - some babies are feeding, some are crying, some are being massaged - but everything goes. It's great to meet up with other mums and the location is great for me in Guildford as I can walk to it. I look forward to it every week!

We did baby massage and wrigglers, and cannot wait to start rising 1 class! We enjoy it a lot, and when I repeat the exercises and songs at home my daughter always laughs (though she never does it in the class!). Nicky creates really good atmosphere, every class is incredibly uplifting and energising. Cannot recommend it enough!

Kirsty & Amelia - Tinies, Wriggles & Rising 1s
Thanks for the lovely email. I can't tell you how much Amelia and I have enjoyed ourselves your classes helped give me conference to get out and about with her and also gave me a chance to meet some lovely mummy's.
Helen & Flynn - Wrigglers & Rising 1s 
Just wanted to say that taking Flynn to Wrigglers and then Rising 1's was one of the highlights of my mat leave, he absoloutley loved it (and so did I) it was by far our favourite class.
Hoping to bring him to Movers in the future, just trying to settle back in to the work routine and he's at that in between age at the moment, will be in touch when I think he's ready for it to see if there is space!
All the best with the new venue, looking forward to seeing it in the future!
Thanks again to you and to Laura.
Suzanna & Freddie 
I have been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for last week. Freddie and I thoroughly enjoyed the massaging and have been practicing at home. What I really wanted to thank you for however was the time you spent talking to me about colic, reflux and general baby unhappiness during the witching hours...it was so nice to talk to a non-judgemental expert who's also a mummy. It might sound silly but I felt really empowered afterwards and have found it easier to trust my instincts since.
I joined Tinies with my daughter Sienna, when she was just a few weeks old and we both absolutely loved it. The classes were both informative and fun, and I was able to use the massage techniques at home each day after bath time to relax baby and spend some quality time with her. I felt it was a bit of 'me' time each week, plus an opportunity to meet other lovely new mums and their babies. Thoroughly recommend it to other new mums.
Highly recommended to all the new mums! In this class you can learn how to interact with your very new baby, having fun but also learning how to soothe him and help him with colics, reflux, crying etc. Also great for the part dedicated to mummies postnatal movement! And of course, the social side of it: getting out of the house and meeting many lovely people who are going through what you're experiencing!
I attended wrigglers and risings 1's with my daughter, my husband did too we all loved the classes and she has learnt a lot from attending them as have I whilst having a great time, I'm sure my daughters confidence is partly down to attending classes at mummas.
What I also love is that if your little one wants to just do their own thing then they can. 
Both Nicky and Laura are fantastic teachers and very welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend attending their classes

Our Mums Say:

"Nicky's laid back, friendly and supportive approach is a huge relief during the early days of being a new parent. The calming techniques she taught me were an absolute lifesaver and I honestly don't know what we'd have done without her. Thank you so much Nicky!"

"I just thought I'd add, that I've really enjoyed the Daisy Birthing sessions, I think they are utterly brilliant, and have definitely prepared me for the impending birth - dare I say I'm actually looking forward to it??!?"

"These classes were the favourite part of my week from birthing right through to rising one. I will be back with baba number two!"

"I want to say a huge thank you to you for adding so much to my maternity leave. Through Daisy Birthing I've made friends who have been a huge support to both me and Cleo and will continue to be a big part of our lives. I hope you know what a community of happy and confident Mums you're developing through Mummas. Thank you."