Antenatal Pilates

With Jo Meynell

jo meynell

Jo is passionate about Pilates and is an advocate for the positive changes it can bring to posture and health, including physical and mental wellbeing.

Her interest in Pilates began many years ago when she noticed a great benefit from attending regular classes after working long hours at a computer desk had a detrimental effect on her shoulders and back. Despite keeping active, these problems didn’t go away so she tried a Pilates class and has never looked back. She began to work on improving her posture and inner strength, finding a new love for her body and a long-term interest in the effectiveness of correct movement.  

Eventually in 2006 she left the corporate world and changed her life and career forever. After a degree in Nutritional Therapy, Jo continued her love of Pilates and is now qualified as a Level 3 matwork instructor with Body Control Pilates in London.

She has recently completed extra training and specialised in Pregnancy Pilates; enabling her to offer a personalised effective antenatal class.

Pregnancy Pilates

During pregnancy the body undergoes enormous change, it is a wonderful time and each pregnancy is a physical as well as emotional journey.

Pregnancy can dramatically change a woman’s posture, body awareness, breathing and pelvic stability. These changes can have a physical impact, such as back ache or discomfort in the pelvic area, which may then have a negative effect on how a pregnant woman is feeling.

Pregnancy Pilates is designed to help you look and feel good. It can be beneficial in many ways: improved posture allows the baby to have room to move into the optimum foetal position; it can help reduce aches and pains; improve relaxation and breathing skills for comfort during pregnancy and labour. Pilates can also help maintain abdominal functions and correct diastasis recti, assisting in restoring the figure after childbirth.

Each class covers the eight fundamental principals of Body Control Pilates, which are:








Flowing Movements


By bringing together mind and body, Pilates teaches you to be in control, allowing you to handle stress effectively and achieve relaxation easily.

Our aim is to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.body control

Class Pricing
£10 a class
£55 for six classes
£40 for one-to-one classes
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First class half price

Please note: all attendees will need to complete the quick health questionnaire. 

Our Mums Say:

"Nicky's laid back, friendly and supportive approach is a huge relief during the early days of being a new parent. The calming techniques she taught me were an absolute lifesaver and I honestly don't know what we'd have done without her. Thank you so much Nicky!"

"I just thought I'd add, that I've really enjoyed the Daisy Birthing sessions, I think they are utterly brilliant, and have definitely prepared me for the impending birth - dare I say I'm actually looking forward to it??!?"

"These classes were the favourite part of my week from birthing right through to rising one. I will be back with baba number two!"

"I want to say a huge thank you to you for adding so much to my maternity leave. Through Daisy Birthing I've made friends who have been a huge support to both me and Cleo and will continue to be a big part of our lives. I hope you know what a community of happy and confident Mums you're developing through Mummas. Thank you."